Mac OS Mojave Easter Eggs (2022 Edition)

Published on Mar 20, 2021

MacOS Mojave has its fair share of easter eggs for an operating system. We're going to list a few that we think you might like in this article.

Blue screen of death

As we all know, Apple and Microsoft are rivals as Apple have MacOS and Microsoft has Windows.

If your Mac finds a Windows PC on the same network, it will show a computer with the famous Windows Blue Screen of Death screen.

You can find this picture in the Network tab of Finder (if you have a Windows computer turned on).

Star Wars

This is actually one of the easter eggs that is also in our Windows easter eggs article.

If you open the Terminal on your Mac and type in telnet and hit enter your Mac will display the original Star Wars movie in it's entirity as ASCII art.

Cookies recipe

This is a fun trick! Type in open /usr/share/emacs/22.1/etc/COOKIES into your Mac's terminal. It'll open up TextEdit with a recipe for cookies.

Free Therapy
If you need some therapy but don't have much money, you miht find this one helpful.

Open the Terminal, type in emacs, press enter then hit the Esc and x keys and type in doctor. You'll then get a virtual therapist.

Adventure Game

MacOS comes with a text-based adventure game. Just open your Terminal, type in emacs -batch -l dunnet and press enter.

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