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How to convert articles into audio

May 6th, 2019

If you have a long list of articles that you've been meaning to read but you don't have enough time to read them, you might find listening to them a better option.

ReadCast allows you to convert articles from webpages on sites like the BBC and Bloomberg and turn them into audio you can listen to either on the ReadCast website or in your podcast player of choice.

One thing you should note is that ReadCast costs £4.99 a month. However, you can use the code IAMLITTLE at checkout to get 25% of your first month.

Converting articles to audio

After you've signed up for ReadCast, go to the Articles page and click on the red button that says 'Save Article'. You'll now be presented with this screen.

How to convert articles into audio

Now, you'll want to copy in the web address of the article you want to convert into the box. Then click 'Save Article'. 

Your article will then be processed and you'll be redirected to the Articles screen. You'll now see your new article and you'll be able to play the audio for it.

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